The Team

Our tagline really says it all... inclusive innovation.

Use our experience to chart a course through everything from Field Service solutions to Intranets & Business application architecture. Whether by designing, consulting, mentoring or training, we provide the vendor-neutral knowledge needed to make your business work.

We are the best at what we do, an agile, hands-on software company, both innovative and pragmatic.

Suniti Gupta
Suniti Gupta : Managing Director

Every time I start writing about myself, I end up writing about Lateral Praxis. We are synonymous. I started Lateral Praxis in 1999. It is very gratifying to see how far we have come as a company and as an organisation that is always ready to take on new challenges. The passion, the growth and the energy I see in India inspires me each day. I see the need to make our business grow and improve.
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Hiren Shah
Hiren Shah: Director Business Development & Project Delivery

I began with Lateral Praxis in 2001, developing software and relational databases. Since then, I have enjoyed dozens of challenging projects. The projects have varied from small modular code snippets to thousands of lines dealing with complex relational databases. Eventually, the satisfaction I feel when I can really enhance an application through a discovered insight is huge.
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