Fertilizer Association of India (FAI), Annual Seminar - 02nd – 04th December, 2015

Lateral Praxis participated in the FAI Annual Seminar which was held in Hotel Ashok, New Delhi from 02nd to 04th December, 2015.

Lateral Praxis has been the technology provider for the Department of Fertilizers for more than 10 years. We understand the supply chain network of fertilizers and are actively involved with the stakeholders. For more than year and a half now Direct Benefit transfers in fertilizers has been a widely debated topic.

The Direct Benefit transfers (DBT) scheme was launched by the Government of India in January 2013. Since then attempt has been made to bring in the subsidy programs under this scheme with an aim to bring in transparency, reduce pilferage and most importantly bring in benefit of these government schemes to the real beneficiary. While scheme has been rolled out for LPG successfully, it has still not been operationalized in the case of fertilizers. Fertilizer subsidy being the second largest subsidy being paid in India, the project faces many challenges.

The presentation by Lateral Praxis in this annual seminar was about “Direct subsidy to Farmer” and how using the technologies available today, this dream can be realized. Some of the suggestions given were:

  • Utilize last mile data collection technologies available to capture data.
  • Prepare the farmer database, identify the farmers.
  • Conduct a POC in a district in order to analyse the data collected and to address the challenges before a nation-wide roll out.
  • Utilize Aadhar for authentication for the purpose of making financial transactions.
  • Achieve buy in of all stake holders to encourage them to adopt the change.

For a more details on the topic, please click here for a live recording of the presentation & click here for the journal paper.


MD, Ms. Suniti Gupta speaking at the Seminar


MD, Ms. Suniti Gupta with other speakers