LP-Smart Farm

This Farm Intelligence product enables agri companies in achieving traceability of the produce procured from the farm.

The product captures Farm Care, Tree Care, Fruit Care, Crop Care data i.e. the schedule of activities to be conducted on the farm, against a pre-defined activity plan which can be prepared by experts. The data is captured for the entire lifecycle of the produce. It displays the status of the farm at any given point of time and enables experts to examine this data to do a course correction if required. Such close monitoring enables the produce to be of the desired quality. In addition, there is a facility to capture GPS co-ordinates, which enables the traceability of the produce and enables the management to ascertain the performance of the field teams. The feature also helps in complying with essential documentation required for exporting the produce, an example being GGAP. In addition, harvesting details, quality checks and movement to packhouses can also be captured.

Handheld devices and Android phones or tablets can be used to capture this field level data and synchronize it in real-time with a centralized web-based system. The system can also be integrated with an “Agri” Chat product from Lateral Praxis (Guppy) that enables agronomists to send information right from the farm. This information can be sent through text, pictures, voice files and videos to the recipient. In case farm is “geo-tagged” it will also determine the location of the farm from where data is being sent. All such data is stored in the database for data analysis and is used for building farm/ produce history.

This farm intelligence data assists companies in forecasting the actual date of production which gets calculated and re-calibrated based on the schedule of activities being performed on the farm which in turn helps in better planning and marketing of the produce.