LP Dairy Management System is a product by Lateral Praxis that uses the latest “last mile” technologies for management of all operations of the milk collection centres which are located primarily in the rural areas. With no elaborate IT infrastructure required at the collection centres, company’s IT maintenance costs can be kept minimum.

Mobile devices integrated with devices like the Weigh scale, FAT machine, CLR machine at the collection centre ensures that entire process of milk collection is automated and the key data parameters of milk quality & quantity are captured automatically and are not tampered with. These mobile devices interact in real-time with a web-based system thus providing up-to-date information on the production data to the management.

The hand held mobile devices also capture other essential data like supply of fodder for cattle, veterinary services and allows auto-calculation of farmer and transporter payments. Farmers are informed about the details of the payment and due date on SMS.

This system can also be integrated with the company’s ERP, as well as the accounting system as required. The same system can also be deployed on vehicles if the milk collection methodology is from the supplier’s door.