The product enables automation of all activities of a collection centre, sahakari samiti or organizations which act as aggregators, for any kind of agricultural produce.

Handheld mobile devices are used for data collection which work in synchronization with a centralized web-based system. These devices can be integrated with an electronic weighing scale in order to capture the weight automatically without human intervention. In case there is a practice of collecting the produce from the supplierís location, the device can be carried on the truck and the data can be captured on the move. Farmer can be issued an invoice on the spot so that a record of the same can be maintained by him. Also an SMS sent on farmerís mobile will communicate the amount which is due to be paid to him. Data for various collection centres can be consolidated to give details of procurement across the organization. Potential customers can be informed on SMS about the availability of produce for procurement.

Bar code generation & scanning for both bulk and boxed produce can be also be provided. Bar code scanning can be done with the help of the scanner integrated with the device. This can be done at the farm gate as well. LP Aggregator also has features for sorting, grading and recording inventory of packaged produce. It also enables palletization.